That day

That day

When stars smile

A twinkly smile

Shapes once covered

By grey nimbus

Unearth like a phoenix

Somewhere on the land

Things are aligning themselves


The angel has at last succeeded

In breaking the satanic spell

The wings broken

Blood dripping

Yet it was worth the fight

She will tell


Lightning and rumbling

Roars now gone

Silence invades

The war torn land


The nudity of the truth

Hurting every bit.

Yet again

The peace covers

Like a divine sheath


The open eyes were

Closed to the fact

May be known

Since a long long time

Dressed up with fancy words

Lie becomes truth

Truth it waits

Till the day

Which is right


Jewels once thought

Were just pebbles

When disguise is a play

Played on to many

Oh GOD, help those

Who are going

To be the prey


The flutter of the broken wings

The drops of crimson trailing

Remind of the strength shown

The love and care of

Something once thought

Was long lost


The night hiding the eventful day

As it bends for the good night kiss

Singing the evergreen lullaby

Till the goddess of sleep

Reigns the land


Haritha Deepu George

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